Sunday, May 20, 2007

Line up for the summer:

June 13- Korby Lenker (at The Record Exchange)
June 17- David Andrews Trio
June 24- Cary Judd w/ Cameron Bolander
July 1- Matt Hopper and friends
July 8- Kris Doty band w/ Joy Cuming
July 15- Travis and Ali Ward w/ Thomas Paul
July 22- James Orr w/ Darin Schaffer
July 28- Charlotte Kendrick
July 29- Finn Riggins w/ Cataldo Music
Aug 5- Niccole Bayley and Mo Kelly
Aug 12- Darren Smith w/ Milo
Aug 19- Belinda Bowler w/ Jonah Shue and Dave Manion
Aug 26- Douglas Cameron Band w/ The Shook Twins
Sept 2- Charlie Sutton

Shows are on the lawn at Redfish Lake Lodge at 4 pm, except Charlotte Kendrick. She will be playing on Saturday July 28th at 7 pm at the inimitable Stanley Bakery.

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